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how do inscriptions help historians

Preffered Answer:

Since Inscriptions are contemporary and Genuine, they are the exclusive source materials for the Historians to study History in a proper way.

Inscriptions help the Historian in many ways.Some of these ways are----

a.Inscriptions help the historians to place the Historical periods in a proper time.

b. Inscriptions tells the methods of life which the peoples used to follow in the past.

c. Inscriptions tells the artistic skills,beliefs of the historical periods.

d.Inscriptions provide valuable and definite information for the different aspects of History of different periods in different regions.

e.Inscriptions correct wrong information or the statements supports other sources for certain events.

f. Inscriptions also contradict information,add left out details

g.Inscriptions also gives correct spellings of the name and places.

I was just joking it is written in my notebook

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